1. What is a hemostat? What is it for?
    A hemostat is a medical tool that looks kind of like a scissors, but is not sharp and has a serrated point. It is a good stuffing and turning tool. It is especially good for placing stuffing into the nose of a bear.

  2. When laying out a pattern, which way should the fur go?
    Generally, the fur goes down the bear, although there are variations in some patterns. The fur will go down his body, arms, legs, etc. With distressed furs, the fur will not necessarily go down the bear; this is part of the attraction of distressed fur.

  3. I have an old fur coat; can I use this to make a bear?
    Yes, you can most definitely use an old fur coat to make a bear. There are some different steps to take when making a bear of an old fur coat. Check out how to have a Real Fur Bear made for you at Bears & Bedtime.

  4. Does Ultrasuede or felt have a grain?
    Yes, Ultrasuede and felt do have a grain. You will find that both Ultrasuede and felt will have one way that stretches more one way than the other way. It doesn’t really matter which way you lay the foot or paw pad, but it is good to pay attention that both foot pads or paw pads are going the same direction – you don’t want one long, skinny foot and one short, fat one!