1. What is a metre?
    A metre is 100 cm or about 39 1/2”.

  2. What is a yard?
    A yard is 36” or about 90 cm.

  3. What is a fat 1/4?
    A fat quarter is a different shape of a quarter meter (or yard) of fabric. Instead of cutting fabric that is the whole width of the fabric 150 cm (or 60”) and .25 of a metre or yard high, it is cut HALF as wide (75 cm or 30”) and twice as high (.5 of a metre or yard).

  4. Why is fur cut in a fat quarter?
    Fur is cut in fat quarters so that when you lay out your bear, you get better use of your fabric.

  5. How big of a bear can I get out of a fat 1/4?
    Usually a 14” to 16” bear will fit in a fat quarter, but this depends on the width of the fabric. There can be up to 6” difference in the width of different fabrics. Canadian and American Synthetics are wider (150 cm or 60”) than European Synthetics or Mohair (135 cm or 55”). For example, a 21” bear with skinny limbs will fit on a fat 1/4 yard of mohair, but a 21” bear with plumper limbs will take a 1/2 yard of mohair.