1. Your stitches should be about 1/4” in length and about 1/4” apart.
  2. Knot a double strand of upholstery thread and hide this knot on the inside of one end of the opening. NOTE: this is the only stitch you will take on the wrong side (under side) of the opening.
  3. On the side opposite to where you hid your knot, take a stitch on the right (fuzzy) side of the fabric. Be sure to make your stitches parallel to the opening.
  4. Go to the opposite side of the opening and take a stitch on the right side of the fabric. Repeat, working from one side to the other for about 1”. Then pull the stitches tight. The edges should curl together so that the right (fuzzy) sides are together. You should not see your seam or any raw edges.
  5. Knot the thread and insert the needle through to the other side of the limb. Pull tight. Snip off. (Upholstery thread is a bit slippery and if you cut off the thread too close to the knot, it could come undone.