Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a fat 1/4?
  2. Why is fur cut in a fat quarter?
  3. How big of a bear can I get out of a fat 1/4?
  4. What joints should I use in my bear?
  5. What size of joints does a 12" bear take?
  6. What is a hemostat? What is it for?
  7. When laying out a pattern, which way should the fur go?
  8. I have an old fur coat, can I use this to make a bear?
  9. Does Ultra suede or felt have a grain?
  10. Can I use the less expensive craft felt for my bear's fool & paw pads?
  11. Can I use other fabrics for my bear's foot & paw pads?
  12. What are flexlimbs?
  13. Where should I leave the opening on my bear's arms and legs - every pattern seems to be different?
  14. How do I close the seam on my bear?
  15. I don't like embroidering noses on my bears, is there another option?
  16. I like using plastic safety eyes but don't like the bug-eyed look I get with them. What can I do to fix this?
  17. Do you have a store or showroom I can visit?
Tips & How To's

  1. How to make a covered triangle nose.
  2. How to do the ladder stitch.
  3. How to put in child safe eyes & life like discs.
  4. How to put in a child safe nose.
  5. How to joint a bear.
  6. Recycling your old fur coat.