1. Can I use the less expensive craft felt for my bear’s foot & paw pads?
    Craft felt is not generally recommended for use in a bear’s foot & paw pads as it is not strong enough. If you have your heart set on a particular colour of craft felt, try using an iron on interfacing AND lining it with another piece of fabric. 100% wool felt is stronger – you do not need to interface or line it and thus simpler to use.

  2. Can I use other fabrics for my bear’s foot & paw pads?
    Sure, leather, suede, ultrasuede, other fabrics such as tapestry and even satin with a lace overlay are good options. Just be sure to test the fabric for strength and if you think it might not be strong enough, line it with another fabric (a broadcloth works well).

  3. What are flexlimbs?
    Flexlimb is a foam-coated wire with a metal eye on the top. These are attached to the hardboard joint and then inserted in to the limb of the bear. This enables your bear to not only have articulated joints, but be able to bend his elbows, knees, wrists and ankles, too. Be sure to leave the stuffing hole at the top of the shoulder or hip for flexlimb.