1. Where should I leave the opening on my bear’s arms and legs – every pattern seems to be different?
    Basically this is a personal choice. Every artist has their preferred spot that is reflected in their patterns. A space can be left in the front, back or top of the limb; some artists sew the limb shut and then cut a hole in the fabric. I like to leave the stuffing space in the place where it is easiest to sew shut – if the space is left too close to the foot, it is difficult to sew the leg shut without stabbing his foot with the needle.

  2. How do I close the seam on my bear?
    The best stitch to use for this is the ladder stitch.

  3. I don’t like embroidering noses on my bears; is there another option?
    Yes, a child safety nose is an option. You can use either an animal nose or a triangular nose. When sewing the two side heads together, stitch the first 1/4”, then leave a 1/8” space to place the post of the nose and finish sewing the side head seam. Before jointing the bear, insert the nose through the space you left and snap on the lock washer inside the bear’s head. Another good option is a covered triangle nose, which is simple but not plastic looking.

  4. I like using plastic safety eyes but don’t like the bug-eyed look I get with them. What can I do to fix this?
    Life like discs are a good answer for safety eyes. They give the bear an eye socket so the eye does not sit right on the top of the fur.